I was very surprised when I saw it was impossible to uncheck options during container database creation proces in DBCA. I am running Oracle Standalone installation.

DBCA gui screen

The reason is that Oracle generally recommends that a CDB should have all options installed in order to avoid any issues with the plug-in of a PDB from another environment.

You can deselect the options only during the manual database creation proces, but you can leverage DBCA to create scripts for you. All you have to do then is just to edit the scripts by removing options you don’t really need and run them at the end.

You can follow these oracle support’s notes:

Customization of Database Options in a Multitenant Setup (Doc ID 1616554.1)
Creating A Container Database (CDB) With A Subset Of Options (Doc ID 2001512.1)

If you encounter a problem with perl library, check this blog note by Patrycjusz Konkol to find a workaround:


Thank you Patrycjusz for sharing!

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